The goal of my work is to create a place where the mind can rest.

My imagery arises from observations of the physical world, and a conscious effort to slow down as I move through it. In nature, I find inspiration in colors and forms that cause me to pause and look.

For many years, I lived on the west coast, first in the rainy Pacific Northwest, and later in foggy Northern California, where the cool, marine atmosphere shaped my aesthetic and palette. When I moved to Northern New Mexico in 2005, I continued to work from memories and photographs of that lush, verdant environment. It has taken me nearly a decade to recognize and fall in love with the subtle beauty of the high desert, with its vast luminous skies and quiet, earthen palette.

In my recent paintings I’ve captured the qualities of these two contrasting landscapes, through a slow, gradual, contemplative painting process that reasserts the value of the human hand. I work every morning in natural light, using mongoose brushes to apply thin glazes of color. Working with traditional walnut oil painting medium, I blend these layers of color into soft transitions. By blurring the details of the places I’ve observed, I evoke unspecified yet familiar environments. Ultimately a single point of focus or light emerges from within the paintings, creating the enveloping sense of meditative focus that characterizes my compositions.