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Winston Wachter Seattle

Tracy Rocca is an artist based in New Mexico

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Winston Wachter Seattle

Light As Air  -  Maggie Grimason for the Alibi

"When Rocca describes “slowing down,” she is describing both a mental and physical experience. She uses all-natural materials, including walnut oil paints, which are extremely slow drying—it takes up to a week for each coat on her paintings to dry. Every time she sits down to work on a single piece, she paints the whole canvas, building up many thin layers over long periods of time—some pieces take as much as a year to complete. The collection of pieces that will be shown in Public Lands, for example, took around two years to be created. Looking at the paintings so brilliantly illuminated in Rocca's studio, it was hard to believe they are paintings at all—so seamless is the end result, without a brushstroke evident across the gulf of the canvas—each of which are several feet in length and height. The harder you look, the more nuance you see..."

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